Saturday, May 4, 2013

the resident of a developing country,,

few specifications are,,,

the development of cancer
due to taking chemical checked food..

safe running water is away
but coke and mineral water is in reach
sealed and hyegenic..
no matter it may be lie or true???
but packaging quality is so nice.!!!!!!

I lived in the empire of concrete
bulidings, roads, bridges...
dirty trees and water logging ponds
were make mud around me,,,

what is this ???
is it important, than my development????

rubbish and foolish

you are jealous
with development,,,,­,
you dont want
human reaches to the height!!!

its natural
some cost should be bear
for development....

if people cannot purchase...
oxygen pouches,,,
drinking water,,,,,
pesticide free nutritious food,,,,
medicines for own created diseases....
then you the poor 78% people
please leave earth as early!!!!!!
because all these things
pertains to us,,,
we The developed people....

Yes the scale of development
measure by sky reaching buildings,
measures by decorating plants,
measures by availability of fast food,
by giant factories, big malls,
by speed cars,,,
by weapons,,,
by wide roads,,,,,
by faishonable cosmetics,,,,
by costly medicines,,,,
by chemical treated waters,,,,,,
by artificial and sealed
poison derived processed food...

very away from Nature.......

Life for a year,,,,
for 10 year,,,,
or till 50 years......
I don't know
how long my development????
but its the cost
necessary for us
to be consider me as developed!!!!!!

The cost for development....­...

Oh earth son's
Forest Revolution - The Last Solution


If yoy think its true, please share with everybody and try to keep away
from nature harming practices, please keep your children and loved ones from
junk fast foods, carbonated and processed waters. please concrete only that
land which is sufficient for beings, rest should be left for trees, plants, ponds,
rainwater, Animals and last for -------- The Nature!!!!!!


say clearly,,,,,

What's your need???

What is the purpose,,
You create panic between
North and South korea.....
But Ultimate Korea........

You said Iraq has chemical weapons....
you demolished the reign of saddam...
Saddam the poor....
Hanged in front of said cultured people...
But you didn't found any weapon!!!!
instead a lot of oil.....
The real need for you..
And now left...
uncertain Iraq....
the historical Iraq now history!!!!!

Your creation
Taliban and Laden
destroyed Afghanistan...
Mother not know
her child will meet in home or
in hospital !!!!!!!

Your interfere in Israel
start throat cut war among
genetic brothers of Palestine....

Its very easy to decide
Hitler was very cruel
but your atom bombs
over million innocent civilian's
was what????

The Most panic industrial accident
MIC case of bhopal
killed 20000 nonsense Indians
because Dow was American co.

What you decide
if it happened in your country???

Whole earth is your asset
You can drill
you can pollute
you can disturb ecology
you can use atom bombs....

You worried about south korea...
nice thinking
The global earth....
but like Indo pak
like China tibbet
like Israel palestine
like Iraq iran
North korea and south korea
are also brothers....
They need talk not weapons
to down the wall of hate.........

Ah America
please change your policy...
Enormous creatures also lives on earth...

Like elder brother
you take responsibility first to destroy
nuclear weapons...
to control carbon emission...
to take oath for love globally..
to regulate blind companies for profit....
to stop nuisance creating armed drills....

You have to realise,,,,
a minute neglegence
can derive new nuclear allies in asia!!!!
And you can not save human on earth
and last you The America....
Everwhere the debris and bodies of
we Human..........­...............­.......


change the mind and priorities...!!­!!!!



Yes the death is just away
from me
in a fraction of microseconds...

no dear
don't scared,,,,,
Its the last truth
of our life!!!!!

I saw the history invents
when Alexander Victors the world,,,
the Shahjahan makes Taj,,,,
Napoleon expand boundaries....

I saw just a murder of duke
creates world war.
I saw humanity killed humans
by a call of hitler...

I find the most danger day
on earth.
when two pilots
dropped atom bombs
on many thousand innocents...

Twin towers of america
claimed million lives
to search only
saddam and laden...

I read
Alfred Noble left earth
with tears,,,,,,,
during death
alexendar was alone....
Hitler suicides in grief,,,,

well known leaders
left earth
with a quote.......
"May I changed my decision
on that moment"

A brother warns
nuclear attacks
from north korea to south korea....
a brother cuts
head of his borther at loc indo pak....
parents target missiles
on their nephews in Gaza....

What leadership is this?
For which satisfaction??
for what moment they create
such situations and solutions???

Scarcity of groundwater..
Growth of cancer....
Nuclear attacks....
Demand of oxygen...
uncertain future energy...
genome projects threats.....
Biodiversity loss...
Are not for leader's?????

Oh god
can you protect them.....

My brothers
your own mind leads best then others...
See the happiness of your heart ..
when your effort makes,
innocent smile on other's face.....

Live a moment for you....