Monday, September 1, 2008

Development of Destruction

Development of Destruction

Dear Friends,

Did you listen many billion rupees and many lives were flow in flood in North India? This is not just a National Disaster but this is a starting of Humanity Self Destruction. Everywhere seems merged houses, dead cattle’s and floating lifeless bodies of father—mother-son-daughter.

Our going on away from nature leads us to destroy ourselves. As government statistics around 3 million people were badly affected in Bihar and living in refugee camps. So many people are waiting for food, water and medicines on either a small high land around endless water or on trees. The same situation is in Uttar Pradesh also.

Where we are and where are our Developed Buildings / Landmarks. Why we cannot shelter on that. Why these politicians and industrialists can not save beings. These like so many questions which have no answer in human mind but Our Mother Earth knows that this is the result of playing with nature. Yet the problem of Kosi River is not new but this like destruction was never happened before. Imagine a destruction of low qty Dam in Nepal can lead this situation than what happened if this like thing will done in Tehri dam, Bhakra dam, Nagarjuna dam etc. how much money and live we can save after that and what will our future?.

Did you see any forest merged in water? If not, than why? Nature starts its self healing / medication for which it leads to change accordingly, we have to understand this. If we did not cutting the plants which are grown after flood so the nature will grown water resistant varieties. We have to grow natural trees in a special manner near to every dam so that the future calamities will be reduced and these forests can work as natural bund against the force of water.

Donate precious land for natural forests; please understand we cannot live without nature. Our real mother can feed us only up to maximum of 2 years age but after that we are depending on mother earth for the whole life. Only these forests can save us. Forests have solution of every problem. Explore life in nature for future otherwise we cannot survive:
Grow forests in a special “T” manner around dams.
Grow forests “O” near to the nuclear reactors.
Grow trees in a scientific manner around fields.
Grow forests to fulfill the need of food in future.
Grow forests to get safe water, oxygen, natural medicines, ecological balance and for humanity.

Think honestly.

"Forest Revolution - Van Kranti"

In the service of mother earth,

Ram Singh Yadav