Friday, March 29, 2013


 I am confused, ,,,,,,
about my religion!!!!!!

Its around 80 billion
gods on earth.....
each religion says,
it have miraculous past!!!!

every man follow a God???
some smart men described the God
to many followers.

these few smart men
personally knows god''
they teach us....
what God wants????
how we find God????
God only protect his followers....
other religions are fake....
God is waiting for you in heaven!!!!!

how nice...

man rule man.....

oh mother,,,
then who is the God of me???
who is the God of dogs, cows, snakes like
many trillion living organisms on earth????

may be,,,
every God rains grains to his peculiar follower!!!!
he select religious heaven for his follower!!!!!!
almost all life activities are done by every God for
his particular follower!!!!!

but mother,
what you think for me??
I have no god!!!!

please give me,,
some grains to fed,,,,
a shelter, and some cloths..
I would like to live
with my animal friends....
and after all
give your sweet lap after my death.

I know only one thing.
'' my life is never away from you ''
oh mother earth
'' I cannot believe on these man imagined gods ''


I know
you are with me

''From my Evolution till my Destruction'' 

 Forest Revolution The last Solution

Dear frnds please share it to the whole world as your own words without thinking religions, boundaries and races and help to save your own children from predicted nuclear & future threats !!!!