Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Girl

Yesterday I born,
he says my angel,
she said my dream...

I twinkled,
my mother and my father
fed me..
grow me..

but they have a future in their eyes??

May be a future on my shoulder.!!


Dad do you know?

A female has no life for her!!!
she is a entertainer
for the male dominating society..
in every ad you need a lady skin..
in every reception you search a girl..
why daddy???

Dear Mom,,

how can you protect me??
from these customers??
Mumma even you save yourself??
dad knows about you??
he knows that you are life of him?
do he realise that you tied the whole family..
grand parents, papa, me and brother.

mumma could you change these people?
could you educate them,
a girl is not a piece for enjoying,
but she is a statue of love, mercy, kindness.
a girl have a wide heart by which
she feeds the future,
she nourishing the present and
she protect the past.

Could they understand the sacrifice of mother earth??
Mumma every step of human hurts it.
but at last she give her lap to sleep each son..
none can understand the height of a girl.....

The Girl...
a real, innocent, responsible and loving legend.....

A tribute to damini and malala.. .

Forest Revolution The Ultimate Solution to save us
Forget religion, boundaries and races.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


तनहा सफर
जब छोड़ा तूने
तब तेरे पीछे कािफला था.

तुझे कया पता तेरी पगडंिडयों पर
सैलाब चल रहा था!

कई खामोश िनगाहें थीं
तेरे िनशानों पर.
कुछ सहमे चेहरे भी थे.

बड़ी दूर अाकर लगा तूुझे
कहीं तू गलत तो नही.
अिंतंम पड़ाव है
काश उन सहमे चेहरों को भी देखा होता!

तू तो चला गया
उनका कया कसूर था?

खुद की बंदगी के शौकीन
तू अगर अपनी बुलंदी से एहसास करा देता
अाने वाले सफर का,


खतम ना होती ये बेगुनाह कौम!

Time is not gone.
 leave your publicity by yourself, use your energy for a noble cause. save earth and human.
you know many million people will follow you.
show the right path to these innocent people and satisfying your inner soul that you done the best job during reign on earth.

Make a boundary less, religion less, racial less and nuclear terror free mother earth.


Friday, August 31, 2012

ये कैसी है दुिनया

ये कौन सा मुकाम है।

वक्त बदला है

या बदला सा इंसान है॥

हर साया खौफ से िलपटा है

हर लमहा वीरान है।

हर जर ॅे में बारूद है

कफन का इंतजार करती हर लाश है॥

िकसकी बनायी ये दुिनया है

िकसका बनाया ये आसमां है?

िकसने बनाया बुत को खुदा

अौर िकसने बनाया िकताब को भगवान है??

लेिकन ये भी हकीकत है

मर गयी कई लाशें -

जन्नत का इंतजार करतीं!

मरने वाला कोई नही

- एक इंसान है............

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Recently we are facing unpredictable disasters from all over the world. Either in the case of America where they are facing drought or in China where flood destroying human structures. In India, Assam and Eastern states merging in water, whereas Gujrat, UP, Punjab or almost Northern & Western areas are suffering from scarcity of water.
This is not a major concern so many NGO’S and scientist are every time warns us about the environment pollution and these situations. They are prominently teaching us to save environment, forests, water, biodiversity, animals etc… etc...
But, As the basic need of human is money than why we think about this???
I don’t want to teach you anything or order you anything but I am requesting you to kindly consider these facts for our children:
  1. If the Blackout (Power failure) problem cannot resolved in one or two days then from where we 600 million people got water because the water level is now much deep to reach by a hand pump. Imagine a scene where all high profile educated and money lenders are quarrelling for a bucket of water at a water hand pump place. I live in Kanpur where a few years ago we get water at a level of 40 feets but now it deeps to 150 feets. on that day I was not concerning about fan more than water.
  2. Now I have no place of mud, swamp and pond like areas surrounding to me. They were placed by buildings and concrete structures. Our ministers and leaders know the meaning of development is concrete buildings, roads, bridges, dams. 
  3.  None of leader does not say if we lost coal, gas, petrol, diesel  a day then from where we get water because that day nobody knows the level of water either it will in our reach  or not!!!
  4. Nuclear Electricity is uncertain and threat in every mean, Bhopal gas tragedy is not much far from us where we saw a sleeping death of thousands of innocent people, Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities are witnessed of millions people screams until death. We can see these accidents were the result of human expectations without thinking the results.
  5. Not only water but air, soil, food, biodiversity, genetic order everything will be affected as much as which cannot be healed if any accident occurs.
 Please try to implement and share these measurements if you want to save lives of your loved ones.
  1. At least plant a Ficus (Bargad or Peeple) tree around a ratio of 10-20 houses, because these trees can save us from nuclear radiations and also pollution.
  2. Not purchasing land if you have already a flat or house.
  3. Don’t cover the land with cement, concrete prominently. The concrete is not important than recharging of water to the ground. Planting trees and plants on 70% area and 30% area for building.
  4. Do not waste water because if we will not saving it than it may cause more deaths than any war.
  5. Avoid own vehicles Use public transports like bus, taxi etc. it will save fuel by which we can get electricity more days till further researches.
  6. Protests FDI, SEZ, Genome Treated agriculture etc. These projects will harm us in such way that the leaders cannot think. You know 70% urban people and 80% percent rural people have earn less than 100 rupee a day in which 30 % people are as much poor that they have only 17 rupees to fill their abdomen for a whole day. Only 20% rich people will decide how to regulate India and making policies for rest of people. These rich people and leaders never realize the life of a private worker and a farmer who grow grains for the whole earth. If Foreign Direct Investment starts then the price structure and policies will be regulating by foreign bodies according to their profit. Our economic and home industries will severely damage and unemployment, crime will rapidly grow.
  7.  There are so many industries like Lal Imli, Uptron, Indian telephone Industry, NTC etc facing critical illness but these leaders have no time to mind on it because these industries cannot give under table money to them. Please make policies to rejuvenate these industries. Why not police cloths demands from Lal imli, ntc? why not Tablets and laptops can be made at Indian telephone industry and uptron? There are so many examples by which just a policy can save these industries and turn them into profit making units. New industries are not a solution because it will create pollution, acquiring precious agriculture lands, taking more electricity and economic imbalance.
  8. I also appeal to all people that the situation worsens due to population growth. Please making strong laws to control population and do not relate it with any religion. Remember “religion is like a morphine which is used to control mind of other people” a quote of famous saint. Think from your own mind and promote Humanity than any religion.   
  9. All rivers can be clean by broad band of trees and plants adjacently both sides. It will not only clean rivers but also save from flood, diversity & tourism industry grows, prevents rain water to throughout in to sea so that ground water recharges, swamp areas grows, agriculture booms, and will be an alternative during power crisis.
  10. Save our children from pollution, racial, religious riots, and crime. Grow them under the natural environment, learn humanity and love, and making strong for every critical situation.
 Please share it to the whole world…

“Save Earth with our Integrated Effort – The Forest Revolution”

A poor son of mother earth,
Ram Singh Yadav
(M.Sc. Botany – Environment Pollution)
Kanpur (UP)