Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dear Leaders,

A few days ago CSE gives me the opportunity to participate in workshop on “Rainwater harvesting and ground water recharging” at Lucknow UP India. I spent two days there and assess the real situation of Indian continent groundwater position. The situation is so worse than ever. 
Many areas of world, facing critical water deficit; agriculture, cattles, human, forests, wildlife etc. none cannot save himself from water scarcity. Even the treated water, processed vegetables & grains are also contaminated due to unhealthy and polluted water.

As you know you lead many billion people, show the real path to them. The scale of development is not giant building structures, wide new road projects, dams etc. Please make such policies by which you can save the life of them along with your children also.

I also requesting to NGOs and Corporates, please working honestly for the future. Money is not important than drinking water, life breathe and non-cancerous food. Please think for more than 98% poor most vulnerable people rest of the world.

I have few suggestions for your policies. Please think deeply and if you find it’s true please implies in your governing policies.

1. Trade of land should be stop immediately, don’t allow selling and purchasing the land. Allotment system of houses should be start to the needy people. There are so many Industrial buildings are lying closed in the country, please use these lands and buildings instead of acquiring new land. 

2. Forest Cover (widen about 500 mtrs to 1 km) with the banks of rivers on both sides. (it will save animals and biodiversity, prevent the direct flow of drainage water in to river, flood prevention and also begin ecotourism and future green business).

3. Ponds, natural aquifers, mangroves and swampy lands should be protecting and dug new in every village. Also in cities for every 5000 people.

4. Population control drive should be started without political & religion intervention.

5. Use of detergents, cleaners, acids, soaps, pesticides, and insecticides in households should be discourage. (our drainage contains so many harmful chemicals, in which fishes and other friendly organisms can’t grow and the larvae of dangerous mosquitoes etc. multiplies in such way to create epidemics; This water is also harmful for agriculture and vegetables).

6. Urgent need of short shady trees between the agriculture fields (these trees have less evaporation rate rather than recharging the land with water, during rains. Earthworms like so many small organisms grows under the shade to convert land into sponge, thus the water absorption rate of land increases many times and cultivation also improves).

7. Organic wastes, leaves, plant wastes etc should be used for water catching techniques on water flow areas.

8. Don’t cut trees to build roads. Present roads can be widening as per the assessed need.

9. Forest acts should make stronger as like the penalty for death of innocent children.

10. Ancient education system under Naturology should be influence as part of modern teaching; children should know the moral and spiritual education of ancient education system of our ancestors.

Please realize your duty and done it before late….. There is billion innocents are waiting to follow your path!!

Please be a Leader without selfness.

Forest Revolution – The Ultimate Solution to save us