Friday, April 15, 2011


Dear friends, The Japan crisis is just a beginning. A few years ago, I was mailed everybody about this situation but nobody respond. I cannot understand on that day why everybody needs only money and leisure. Even many person send me the mail that why i am sending these rubbish mails to them, This is not useful and I am a negative minded person who is against development, etc.....etc.... After many discouraging responses i came to conclusion that I wish to search a job where I perform to serve my family needs. After getting Job, I perform my duties honestly and keep myself away from these changes, But the recent disaster again forces me to stand and forcing me to render my services towards the Humanity, for the nature and mother earth. Is I am true, whether I wish to work for My Family only or for the whole humanity... Say, what I have to do? Why..... Is this situation is still unimportant for us....... Are we need more disasters.......?????? Do we require concrete and nuclear dependency for maintaining of living standard.......??????? Is the Japan Tragedy is not enough to wake us........?????? Still we are bounded by boundaries, religions, racism........????? Still we require politics, economics, and conferences at the cost of our bodies.......??????? No, we are the children of earth and we have to take responsibility to save every life. Yet the dependency on atomic energy is necessity for future, but we are not ready to save ourselves from these like crisis. I have some techniques by which we can minimize its intensity in unique and natural way but I require the common effort of whole world, Yes one thing again I never want visa or passport to roam around earth because I am the son of boundary less earth not a resident of country. I requesting all of you to provide me the data about there 1. Nuclear reactors 2. Radius and Capacity of reactors 3. Surrounding nature. 4. Surrounding environment. 5. Vegetation. 6. Population. etc. I wish with the common efforts we are able to save beings............. Please help me and not consider this mail a useless thing, kindly forward it to everybody. Please respond at the earliest because every second is precious.... Forest Revolution – The ultimate solution A son of mother earth just like you, Ram Singh Yadav Kanpur (U P) India