Sunday, January 27, 2013



I don't know what is my name?
I don't know about my religion,,
I am unable to describe my country..

But I know I have two hands,
two legs,
two eyes,
a stomach
and above all a head with 1450cc mind!!

I also have a family,
young and cute children,
an innocent wife,
my old and helpless gods
- lovely mumma and brave papa...

yes these people are waiting daily for me..
for me???
to bring chocolates,
to bring households,
to bring money by which they fed
and can maintain their lives!!!

oh God
it's my life....

nobody knows
I lived with two persons
a human and a devil!!!!!

human is always positive to live
he have a family,
he wants to save nature future and all creatures.
but devil?
he has a mind to show his supremacy over human.
he has nuclear weapons,
he don't have anybody around him,
he finds answer of all questions in arms..

what I do?
they both are always quarrelling,
may be a day is last to me,
devil may drop a nuclear bomb on my family?
and everything stopped.. .....''

human living
with a fear.....
may be a day disappear the future...
erase the history
and my mother earth crying with my dead body!!!!!!!!
who wins????????

Please raise hands to save mother earth!
forget boundaries, forget religions, forget races!
stop nuclear dependency......
Forest Revolution - The last solution