Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Girl

Yesterday I born,
he says my angel,
she said my dream...

I twinkled,
my mother and my father
fed me..
grow me..

but they have a future in their eyes??

May be a future on my shoulder.!!


Dad do you know?

A female has no life for her!!!
she is a entertainer
for the male dominating society..
in every ad you need a lady skin..
in every reception you search a girl..
why daddy???

Dear Mom,,

how can you protect me??
from these customers??
Mumma even you save yourself??
dad knows about you??
he knows that you are life of him?
do he realise that you tied the whole family..
grand parents, papa, me and brother.

mumma could you change these people?
could you educate them,
a girl is not a piece for enjoying,
but she is a statue of love, mercy, kindness.
a girl have a wide heart by which
she feeds the future,
she nourishing the present and
she protect the past.

Could they understand the sacrifice of mother earth??
Mumma every step of human hurts it.
but at last she give her lap to sleep each son..
none can understand the height of a girl.....

The Girl...
a real, innocent, responsible and loving legend.....

A tribute to damini and malala.. .

Forest Revolution The Ultimate Solution to save us
Forget religion, boundaries and races.