Friday, July 25, 2008

An Idea

Dear Friends,

Today I express some Revolutionary ideas with you; I don’t know what will be your view and response about them but I requesting you please think honestly and think as a judge of yourself without a mind of selfness, away from religion, away from family, away from boundaries, just the view from your soul and think as you are the son of Mother Earth: -

Is Nuclear deal is very important then the food, air, shelter?
n Yes, of course we need energy in future and the nuclear energy is very good in that sense because it take very less amount of raw material and can more sustainable. But …………………
The nuclear dependency is like that car, which has no steering and breaks but if started it goes to one direction and if any accident-prone we cannot stop.
Is the amount more than thousands millions is justified in this energy. Why we cannot spend this amount for promoting solar energy and solar equipments. Do you agree, that the main problem of energy crisis is happened due to improper distribution of energy?
- I have few suggestions if you are with the support of nuclear energy, please plant trees and plants around your houses and surroundings because in any case that trees will protect yourself and your family.
- Railway, government, public, factories, household, offices, streets everywhere we can use solar-panels for lighting the compact LED lamps which use very little amount of electricity so that our dependency on man made energy will be very low, this energy will be used only for heavy requirement/load.
- Honest use of energy. Use public share vehicles to transport and recreation.
- Planting the greenery, because the abundance of organic raw material/waste will be considered in future for energy.

Is it possible to control Population?
- Yet population is very serious matter but we can control it by our own efforts. Does the new and educated generation either of any religion wants more than two children. Why this new around 70% generation will not educate the rest people to control population because this population growth will affect them in the same proportion.
- Only by the way of controlling population we can control hike on our necessities.
- Think Honestly.

Is it possible to Proper Distribution of Homes?
- I see in today culture every rich person having more than 2-3 homes and these homes having many rooms. Yes it is right that this was happened due to his, own effort and labour but could you think if the land acquired in this manner once in very near future we do not have water, fresh breathe, and agriculture land for food.
- Is it possible to distribute the homes according to the members of family? Yet it is a very revolutionary step and more than 90% people are against this kind of idea. But think by yourself, who will affect by our today negligence. Future generation expect water, food and fresh breathe from us during crisis.
- Does the distribution of rooms will be regulating by law and according to family members. Like for 1 couple only one bedroom, one guest room, one kitchen, a latrine–bathroom, one drawing room and a porch is sufficient. For 1 couple and 2 children two bedrooms, one guest room, one study room, one large kitchen, two latrine-bathrooms, and a porch are sufficient. For 1 couple and more than 2 children two-three bedrooms according to demand, one guest room, two study rooms, one large kitchen, two-three latrine bathrooms and a porch are sufficient.
- This is not a dream and the matter of joke. But if we accept this proposal honestly our 95% problem will be solve and we can able to free precious land for environmental, nature and humanity protection use.
- This land will be use for water conservation, for plantation to fresh breathe, for agriculture to grow food, for conservation of natural biodiversity and innocent creatures.
- Think honestly it is not our property because on the last day we left, without taking anything from this earth. Then why we quarrel for these sand like things. Stop selling of further land and donate our lands/homes to home less people and feel greatness………………
- Stop concretization!!!!!!

Is Industrialists, Businessmen, Leaders, Scientist and Actors cannot play their role to save future?
- Off course they will play the major role for this future demand. Do you understand that the middle and lower class follow (more than 80-90% people) these people!
- Definitely their effort will turn into mass movement ultimately.
- Please try to show those properties of yourself that is governing by your soul.
- I requesting to Political Leaders… Please try to understand that most of you lost faith from 70-80% people and those helping you are due to their selfness. You also having family, and a future then why you show these like things. Is any leader has no illegal charge case. But leave everything and forget the past. Try to do reign like Emperor Ashok who thinks all citizens are like my children then how I can partiality.

“Try To Save Earth with our Integrated Effort – The Forest Revolution”

Always in the service of mother earth like you,

Ram Singh Yadav (M.Sc. Botany – Env. Poll.) (+91-9935693881 – Personal)
Kanpur (UP)