Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Forest Revolution - the ultimate solution to save earth and us

Dear Friends,

As I am Post Graduate in Botany from Kanpur University with specialization in Environment Pollution, and wants to share my Skill & Abilities towards Future generation. Any kind of suggestion and comments by you will be welcome.

Really in the future world we have to war with Environmental Disorders, Scarcity of Food/Water/ Fuel, Pollution, Nuclear Wars, AIDS, Natural Disasters, Nuclear/ Radioactive Pollution etc, Like these there are so many social devils which are stand against Humanity. I am eager to work for abatement of Pollution / Social evils etc. Please find enclosed Article of my dream "Forest Revolution - Van Kranti" for your kind Perusal. Again I feel you will be reverting back with a positive mind.

With the help of natural forest we can maintain a phoenix for the future. It's a disastrous thing that once in a time any country will use nuclear weapon in his less minding but this will influence the nuclear war, which may not harmful for the enemy but it create a huge panic for the whole world, for the whole humanity & for the whole nature!
Do we will satisfy after that? No, because after nuclear war we are not left to share our experience.

Even all of us know very better the future then why we are minding for money and leisure, why we are creating landmarks, why we birth children's, why we put money into banks for the future? There are several future projections made by us and says that this will protect our future, our children's etc. everyone should try to understand that the destruction of humanity and nature is very near to us.

Only trees (forest) can save nature and us: -

1. Ground water recharging (Tree roots will inject the rain water into soil).
2. Preventing from drought and flood (excess water will be absorbed by soil with
the help of deep penetrating roots).
3. Reducing soil erosion so that rivers will be clean (holds soil and do not allow silt to go down in the river).
4. Can provide future energy (high calorific value organic waste generates).
5. Helping in organic farming & naturally fertilizes the soil (leaves, barks & wood products etc turn into humus and fertilizes the soil).
6. Air & Water will be purified and prevention from toxicities (high oxygen contents so that air purifies and roots will suck the toxic minerals and other impurities so that the ground water will also purify).
7. Lessen intensity of nuclear wars/accidents and radiations in future by the way of creating forest's bund (definitely long and wide foliage trees absorb radiations and a wide belt around reactors or accident place will work same as concrete bund).
8. Mentally and physically peacefully (greenery and pollution free environment strengthen mind and body both).
9. Growth of food (fodder and food both yields better in naturally fertilized land & Will be the food and fuel of future = FOOD SECURITY).
10. Proper disposal of our waste, hazardous waste too (trees and plants shelters those microbes which are necessary for naturally destruction of the waste even hazardous waste too).
11. Natural calamities will be reduced (the effects of Tsunami, Nargis, china
earthquake, Catrina etc. like calamities will be reduced due to equal
distribution of destructive energy).
12. Preventing from the hollowness of earth (re enter the minerals and essential substance into the earth).
13. Protecting from global warming (trees suck excess carbon, and other harmful gases so can save not only from Global warming but also from ozone depletion, acid rain etc).
14. Protecting from natural imbalance (shelters many animals, plants, microbes those are playing an important role to nature balance).
15. Protecting from many dangerous and communicable diseases (most of germs & Bacteria’s are growing at 30-50c temp. Due to global warming)
16. Protecting from environmental degradation and maintain a pollution free environment (a future which is not a property of us but for our children, for innocent animals and plants, save it).

These are a few significance of forestation. To protect our earth and future once again we have to come in the shelter of trees. Can we do anything without minding selfness? Can we do anything for our mother earth without minding the boundaries between our countries? Let’s start a new definition of the new world with no boundaries, no wars, and no selfness? Just only love and peace everywhere and in every heart!!!!!!
“Amateur draws arc and Professionals built Titanic”

Please start a program on data collection of natural & native plants/trees species and properties of every area in the world. By this data we will aware of plant origin and significance because the plants of other area are not suitable for another region and leads adverse effects to the particular region e.g. Eucalyptus tree is not a native of India origin but when introduce in India and planted extensively causes scarcity of ground water in that areas. Like this there are so many examples of harmful effects when we play with natural biodiversity. Every plant contains some special features for its particular region, which may not suitable for another region. So we have to mind every plant’s significance and to save endangered species.

This program may be also conducted with the help of United Nations Organizations (UNEP) & Government of countries so, no need of extra staff.

Regional Supporters
Like world Agro forestry , UNFCC, CBD, Green wave, WFP, Nature & other International organizations, for forest and biodiversity conservation & pollution abatement etc.

Main Controller


Continental Coordinators
Like UNEP & other concerns of UNO Regional offices in all 5 continents to watch program progress etc.

Country Controller
Like Ministries, high environment authorities, scientific councils, UNEP delegates to the country, private participants, national organizations etc.
State Coordinator
Like Pollution control boards (PCB), Regional scientific boards, State Govt., Forest Deptt. etc.
Regional Coordinator
Like PCB Regional offices, Regional forest officer etc.

District Coordinator
like DM, Universities, District Forest Officers etc.
Students, Volunteers / Govt. Employees / Local People at least10 –50 major native plants for each area & can be herbarium collection with properties of plants.
Corporations, village communities, Civil Societies of towns, Schools, Colleges & villages
Like corporators, village heads, land recorders, Society representatives, College Department Heads etc.

This activity takes a maximum of 6-month time. After this actual data collection, it will very useful for starting a worldwide program on social forestry by the same channel. It helps government to grow the appropriate plant/tree in the particular region without misbalancing of biodiversity & natural ecology. Its adverse effects are also negligible in future and it takes around 6 months-3 years because after plantation, plant requires care for maximum of 3 years and thus the result to save earth will be reached us within 10 years, but it require very hard work, ground reality, strong commitment and a scientific manner around agricultural fields & some special areas.

Remember’ 1 Tree=10 years of a Plant, how can we cut them for our just need. Is money is important then our breathe, water and food? Try to understand the reality; it’s not a drama we are very near to our extinction. Think: -

1. A healthy child or 4-5 poor children?
2. AC based home in absence of electricity or a small clean enough home under the shade of banyan tree?
3. A plane fired land or a green forest?
4. Electrically purified (suspected to harmful chemicals and minerals) cup water or neat and clean natural river water?
5. Our ancestors were depending for food on forests but we are on urea, nitrogen, pesticides based wheat and vegetables?
6. Think that day when no light, no vehicle, no food, no communication, & everywhere the danger of radiation. Then?
7. Do we cannot stop disastrous self-destruction projects before our save?

Why we cant start our volunteer effort to grow natural forests without thinking of ornamental, artificial and genome treated plants, just spray the seeds on every area where suitable and don’t cut small plants, herbs and shrubs under the shade of tree because, a tree in natural forest shelters more than 10,000 species of essential living beings.
I am hopeful that definitely our joint effort will give shape to this dream and demand of future project.
An Honest and Selflessness Effort..

Dear friends, Up to the age of 27 I face a lot of bitter experience of corruptions behind Environmental Pollution and assume The Man get Money on his Children Cemetery. Is it right? Like a few people we will also accept defeat. Definitely the mass will come on tomorrow & this Campaign changes into Mass Movement.

We have to work on ground, on reality. Only in the state of Uttar Pradesh (India) on paper 10.5 million trees were planted but in actually a few are surviving. Even the proposed Ganga Express-way, Taj Express-way, Yamuna Express-way, Noida International Airport leads the destruction of many million mature trees in the state. These like so many projects are working to cut trees and degeneration of nature. Who will pay for this development? Only innocent future!!!!! These some politicians and few money minded people don’t know, what they are doing, where did they lead to earth and how many years they live on concrete? Yet I have a very less knowledge and not much qualified but still I want to dedicate myself towards the future of earth also my English is not so well, so pardon me for my mistakes. But it should be our aim to work for a Natural & Healthy future Environment at any cost. I don’t want anything except our joint effort to work for the protection of innocent future.

We have to think for abatement or control of Nuclear/Radioactive Pollution also, which is the most dangerous pollution in future. Each day and every moment is too precious; let’s start the work before late.

"One Nation - One Earth"

Waiting for your positive and kind response.
Thank & Regards
Ram Singh Yadav (M.Sc. Botany – Env. Poll
(+91-9935693881 – Personal)
Distt: Kanpur (UP) 208007
Country: India